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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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friday, march 18. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. the time now is :30. this morning, the japan prime minister is calling for help with rebuilding the company. charlie d'agata reports. >> reporter: moments ago the prime minister said the government is sharing all the information it has about the crisis at the nuclear power plant. people were evacuated from the region around the nuclear power plant and many feel they may never get back home. reporter: fire trucks resumed blasting water onto japan's crippled nuclear power plant as crews raced to restore power to the facility. as early as today, they hoped to feed electricity to at least two of the six overheated reactors and get crucial water pumps working again. >> if the cooling systems in the reactors and fuel ponds are basically sound and then the power comes on, then we might look at that moment as the beginning of the end of this crisis. >> reporter: but even if the power starts back up, it's not
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clear the water pumps will. they may have already suffered too much damage. there are also fears that getting power back online could spark another explosion. smoke billowed again from one reactor today. water in the spent fuel pools is so close to running dry that in one unit, fuel rods are believed to be at least partially exposed and could spew harmful radiation. many of the people taking shelter here come from the danger zone near the nuclear plant. having survived the earthquake and tsunami, they were ordered to evacuate their homes because of a nuclear threat. this woman lived less than 10 miles from the plant. nine months pregnant with a 2- year-old son, she left at the first sign of trouble there. >> i didn't think it was safe, she says, so i decided to leave early. >> reporter: she says she hopes she left in time to save her children. today marks one week since the quake and tsunami threw japan into crisis. this morning across the country, people paused in
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silence to honor the victims and reflect on a disaster that transformed their country and their lives forever. 450,000 refugees from the earthquake and tsunami, another 140,000 evacuated from the area around the nuclear power plant. now here they have food and they have water and they have warmth. at other shelters throughout the country conditions aren't as good. live in niigata, japan, i'm charlie d'agata, back to you. >> thank you, charlie d'agata live in japan. thank you. a nuclear plant owned by san francisco-based pg&e has had 14 recent incidents described as near misses. that's according to a report released by the union of concerned scientists, a watchdog group. the facility in question is the diablo canyon nuclear power plant near san luis obispo. the report says that a system to pump water into a reactor during an emergency wasn't working for a year and a half before operators realized there
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was a problem in 2009. the report criticized those operators and the nuclear regulatory commission. some tiny radioactive particles from japan are already falling here in the bay area. public health officials say there is no threat to anyone's well-being. let's go to don knapp at the bay area air quality management district in san francisco, where they are monitoring our air. don, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. also, the state department of health has said that it's unlikely that anything will reach us from japan, probably dissipated by the winds. but if something should get here it would be too dilute to cause problems. yesterday the bay area air management district also saying that nothing serious is likely to happen. they are monitoring background radiation shows that radiation is below the background levels here in the bay area. here's what the u.s. surgeon general vice admiral benjamin has to say about it. >> we're exposed to radiation every day in our world and our society. but they are levels that are
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not harmful. and the harmful levels are not coming. so i think, listen up for your local and state health departments. the government is constantly monitoring. if there is any concern, we will certainly get that message out to you here quickly but right now you're not at risk. >> meanwhile, here in the bay area, the university of california berkeley, scientists have already discovered what they say are radioactive particles from that plume coming from japan. they have made some measurements. they say there's a whole soup of different kinds of particles that are reaching here but they say so far the levels are all very low. by comparison, one uc-berkeley professor said, the amount of radiation you get this plume would be less than you would get on an airplane flight across the country. frank? >> even so, though, don, i know a lot of people, we had stories earlier this week that they were buying those, what, potassium iodide pills just to stock up and they are saying, really don't need to did that and if you take them and you don't need them, you could
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suffer other medical problems. so a lot of people wanting to get more and more information about this. >> reporter: i understand that. and i understand there's also a concern, everyone is a little bit confused and we are a little troubled by the fact that this information is so imprecise. we would like to have a good firm handle on it. we are not getting it yet. >> thank you, don knapp in san francisco. pretty obvious by the look of don there he had the hood on there it is raining outside. lawrence, we better get used to it, huh? >> we have some rain out there rolling down the roads and there's pockets of some moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall showing up around the bay area but this just coming out ahead of the main cold front that's going to slide on through. near san rafael you have some showers there, just to the north though traveling on 101 watch out, good rainfall moving in that direction. some isolated lightning strikes showing up this morning and more of that expected as we head through the day. this storm system rolling on through but probably really not going to see the brunt of it until the middle of the day. that's the when we expect the
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cold front to slide into the bay area. behind that, this low will drop off the coastline. saturday a good soaking as well on sunday. planning on 50s today, isolated thunderstorms, snow down to 3,000 feet locally so yeah, it is going to be one of those wet and wild fridays around the bay area. showers continuing into the first part of the weekend, more substantial rain sunday. looks like showers could continue into monday before a brief break. then a return to wet weather toward the middle of the next week. let's check those roadways with elizabeth. >> all right. so far despite the rain we are not doing too bad. most of our freeways look great. couple of accidents, we have seen a couple of spinouts mostly on city streets. so be extra careful this morning as well coming up highway 17. chp issued a heavy rain advisory for highway 17 past the summit. also some windy conditions, as well. so they have activated the
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warning signs to slow down. we haven't seen any big accidents on our major freeways. guadalupe parkway, 101 and 280 all moving fine. traffic maybe lighter than normal this morning, people getting a later start after st. patrick's day fun yesterday. bay bridge no problems into san francisco. looks good across the upper deck right now and your marin county ride quiet here as well, top speeds as you make your way through mill valley, nice ride towards the waldo grade through the golden gate bridge. and mass transit we should mention everything is running on time there, as well. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. sounds like you were out and about last night, elizabeth? >> was i implying that? no. i got take-out and had a fun night with myself at home. that he was my fun st. patrick's day. >> okay. >> good girl. >> i know. >> our sources say otherwise but we'll talk after the show. it is 5:07. they are calling pg&e's refusal inexcusable. >> said the utility did not turn over pipeline documents.
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what the puc is threatening to do now. >> plus, these images have gone viral. we'll have an update on that dog in japan that refused to leave his friend's side. "loophole" in gas ,,,,,,,,
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showers 12349 bay area the beginning of a wet friday and could be a wet weekend, too. we'll talk about that coming up. california's senators say something has to be done about
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the loophole in pipeline safety. anne makovec has more live. >> reporter: good morning. the only thing that could -- the only good thing that could come from what happened here in san bruno is learning from it and our two u.s. senators say that something needs to change immediately and that is what they call a loophole in pipeline law that may have helped contribute to this disaster. right now, utility operators like pg&e can spikes pressure on the lines beyond safety limits longs it doesn't stay that way for five straight days and don't have report it. dianne feinstein and barbara boxer want utilities to have to report it to the feds. they sent a letter to the government saying we urge you to issue this order immediately under your existing emergency authority to protect public safety.
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we have been talking a lot over the last several weeks about actions by the public utilities commission which is under the state's jurisdiction and what our local representatives in sacramento are doing about that. a lot of it deals with these pressure spikes. coming up in the next half hour we'll talk more about why pg&e would even want to do those intentional pressure spikes. frank. >> all right, anne makovec live in san bruno this morning. thank you, anne. a defy the move by libyan leader moammar qaddafi this morning. his bold response to the plan to enforce a no-fly zone. and it's friday, so charlie sheen, here we go, he adds a new city to his upcoming tour. when he will be right here in the bay area. bet you can't wait be, elizabeth. >> is that my cue? all right. it is rainy and wet to start off our morning commute. it's a friday morning commute and mass transit is off it a great start. everything on time. more traffic coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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japan is asking the united states to help it deal with its nuclear crisis, saying the let's look at this morning's top stories. japan asking the united states to help it deal with its nuclear crisis saying the country is overwhelmed after last week's earthquake and tsunami. today military fire trucks are again spraying the overheated reactors trying to avoid a
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meltdown. and japan's nuclear safety agency has raised the severity rating. nuclear crisis from a level 4 to a 5. britain's prime minister says his country will be sending fighter jets in the coming hours to help enforce a no-fly zone over libya this after the united nations security council authorized all necessary measures to halt moammar qaddafi's advances against opposition forces and to prevent the slaughter of civilians. and the district attorney's office will drop about a dozen cases involving arrests by contra costa county's central narcotics task force. a former commander of the task force faces felony drug charges accused of conspiring with a former private investigator to sell stolen drug evidence. all right. the storm clouds already here this morning. we are picking up some rainfall outside right now and there is more to come. it will pick up throughout the day. impressive cells coming onshore as well as lightning strikes as
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well already. a cell coming through san francisco and skirting across 101 into the north bay. more of this activity spreading onshore going to be really picking up as we head into the middle of the day when the main cold front slams into the bay area. so we have lots of clouds outside. we have some scattered rain showers, reports of gusty winds. temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, well, we have some windy wet rainy conditions all around the bay area. the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms continuing into the afternoon hours and we have cold enough temperatures that we could see snow down to 3,000 feet. so here's your system right now. we are waiting until the main cold front slides through. that's when we are going to watch the rain picking up throughout the day today. so rain today, showers for saturday, then this low drops in for sunday. that's going to pick up some more moisture and we could get a good soaking for sunday, as well. here's your storm system. the noontime hour, lunchtime plans, wet, staying inside for this one, a little soup ought
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to be good for today as we see cold temperatures moving through. scattered showers continuing into the afternoon. rainfall amounts maybe 1.5" in the wettest spots of the north bay, three-quarters in the east bay and up to an inch of rain into th santa cruz mountains. we'll have to watch out for mud slides. temperatures in the 50s over the afternoon. wet weekend ahead, the last weekend of winter, more showers into monday breaking off on tuesday, more rain expected as we head toward next wednesday and thursday. and loving all this rainfall? elizabeth, can't wait. >> now, i see a little sunshine in there. what day is that? >> tuesday! >> all right. hold off for tuesday. all right. for right now, yeah, we're off to a wet start to our morning commute, so far, though, it is friday light. that's the good news between march madness and st. patrick's day, i think a lot of people are snoozing a little this morning so no big issues out there right now as far as accidents go but slick surfaces
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this morning. also, just getting word of a tire in lanes. they are looking to clear right now on the upper deck of the bay bridge but obviously not much of a dent in your morning ride into san francisco. san mateo bridge moving fine, as well. our cameras shaking back a bit though so obviously some breezy conditions out there. in fact, chp issued a heavy rain and wind advisory for highway 17 as you make your way out of the santa cruz mountains. all right. 880 through oakland, not too bad as you pass the coliseum right now towards downtown oakland. and again, this is where they just issued that wind advisory, heavy rain advisory telling drivers to take it slower this morning as you make your way past the summit heading towards los gatos and highway 85. and mass transit is also running on time. and the rest of the south bay looks good, as well. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's your weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a major announcement this morning for san francisco's big
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race, the bay to breakers. >> in the aftermath of japan's disaster it shows ultimate loyalty. coming up we'll have an update on this devoted dog that refused to leave his friend's side. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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here's live look at 101 through san jose. it is a windshield wiper day to start off your friday morning commute. fortunately, traffic is also friday light. so we aren't dealing with any major hot spots right now. though we are seeing a couple of problems, couple of advisories for the santa cruz mountains. we'll tell you about that plus a check of mass transit all coming up in traffic in just a few minutes. elizabeth, thanks very much. new this morning, a deal that will save bay to breakers. "the examiner" reports that the rowdy san francisco foot race has a new sponsor. redwood city based zazzle will sponsor it. registration is sold out. bay to breakers set to take place may 15 and it will be the 100th running. i ran to a couple of times many moons ago. hey, the charlie sheen road show, it's coming right here to the bay area and if you want tickets they go on sale tomorrow. the actor, of course, recently fired from his tv series "two and a half men" here on cbs
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after a series of bizarre incidents the last couple of weeks. sheen plans to tell what he calls the real story during those live performances. shows in chicago, detroit, they quickly sold out. so yesterday, several more dates were added to his tour including april 30th. you want to see him it's at the masonic auditorium right here in san francisco. and take a look. california police have released a new mugshot of mel gibson. he turned himself in last week on a misdemeanor battery charge to be booked and fingerprinted. the visit was part of a plea deal on accusations of beating up his former girlfriend. the agreement calls for three years' probation and a year of counseling. this is quite a story. two dogs that got stuck together in the wreckage from that japanese tsunami are now safe. >> a television crew found them this week in sendai. it appears as though the healthier dog was staying by the side of the injured buddy.
5:25 am
look at that. this video spread across the internet. rescuers say an animal rights supporter and dog food importer got his friends to get the dogs. on his facebook page he said the injured dog is in a veterinarian clinic, the healthier animal at a shelter. >> people are probably lining up to take care of them that. video is really something. the time now 5:25. four kids hospitalized after eating cocaine at school. how it got in the classroom and the shocking thing one student told her mother. >> also ahead, the crisis grows not just in japan. but also in libya this morning. the defiant display by libya's leader after a plan to enforce a no-fly zone. uc-berkeley scientists say they have already detected radiation from japan and they say it poses no risk. we'll talk about that coming up. and our u.s. senators asking for an emergency order to prevent more incidents like the disaster here in san bruno
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last september. we'll tell you who they are appealing to and why coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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well, good morning, everybody. it's friday, thank goodness for that, it's march the 18th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 5:29. it's going to be a wet commute this morning. and actually throughout the weekend. let's go ahead and start with a quick check of your weather and traffic. it feels like the terminator every time we hear that music! ! it's not that bad out there. >> it could be ominous. we have scattered showers. pockets of heavier rainfall moving in along the peninsula and parts of the north bay but as we head through the morning, these things going to really get going, gusty winds, heavy rain, even lightning. we'll talk more about that in a minute. first elizabeth has traffic. >> we are talking about a couple of problems but nothing huge. it's no need to break down quite yet but heavy rain and wind. chp issued an advisory for highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. so be careful there. they are telling drivers to use slower speeds so yeah no big
5:30 am
hot spots or accidents. things look okay right now on all your bridges. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge where, yeah, free- flowing across the span in either direction. mass transit is on time. and one more live look at 101 traffic heading into san francisco which is slick but pretty quiet now heading towards downtown. that's your traffic. more coming up in a little bit. back to you. tensions flaring in libya this morning. embattled leader moammar qaddafi says he doesn't acknowledge the decision to impose a no-fly zone over his country. and this morning, the libyan government closed its airspace to all traffic. the u.n. security council voted to authorize that no-fly zone yesterday. it also authorized all necessary measures to halt qaddafi's advances against opposition forces and to prevent the slaughter of civilians. >> violence must stop. the killing must stop. and the people of libya must be protected. >> britain's prime minister
5:31 am
says his country will be sending fighter jets in the coming hours to help enforce that no-fly zone. tomorrow, britain, france and arab nations will meet in paris to discuss it. qaddafi is promising to respond harshly to any u.n. sponsored attacks. japan admits it did not have a contingency plan to deal with the disaster like the one that hit a week ago today. japan is asking for the help of the united states in dealing with the nuclear crisis caused by that 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. again today, fire trucks are blasting water on the disabled power plant. and they hope to get electric power restored soon to get crucial water pumps working again in the plant. >> if the cooling systems in the reactors and fuel ponds are basically sound, and then the power comes on, then that -- we might look at that moment as the beginning of the end of the crisis. >> today, japan raised the level of this crisis from a 4 to a 5 on the international scale. the hallmarks of a level 5
5:32 am
emergency are severe damage to a reactor's core, release of large quantities of radiation and a high probability of significant public exposure or several deaths from the radiation. closer to home, public health officials are stressing that there is no threat of harmful radiation here in the bay area even though tiny radioactive particles are already falling on the state of california. don knapp is at the bay area air quality management district in san francisco where they are monitoring our air, joins us now. good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning. you know, while just about all the experts agree that anything coming to the united states from japan posts no health risks at all, there is some imprecision in their estimates so it's kind of interesting to look at them. the bay area air quality management district where we are this morning does have some very sensitive radiation detectors. they say that they have seen nothing above background level so far which suggests they are not seeing anything from japan. the state of california health department says the radiation would dissipate before getting to the united states, but if it
5:33 am
would get here, it will certainly be minimal and have no health risks. the surgeon general of the united states, vice admiral regina benjamin, was asked if americans and particularly people in california along the coast should be taking potassium iodide as a precaution. here's what she had to say. >> there is no reason to go and start stockpiling. there is no reason to take the pills. you only do that in immediate risk and that's not here now. so it's important you understand not to. there are some side effects and risks if you are allergic to other things. so you don't want to do things that are unnecessary. >> reporter: scientists at uc- berkeley as you said, frank, have detected radiation which they say has come from japan. they say the levels are very, very low and they say you probably get more radiation on a cross-country flight. but it is troubling and confusing to not have a real precise handle on that plume and where it's likely to go and
5:34 am
how much cumulative radiation we are likely to get so it's something we'll watch but so far no health risks are talked about. frank. >> i guess that's the scary part, don. we hear radiation particles and we freak out. and the confusion on whether it's going to affect us one way or the other. >> reporter: yes, but also we also hear that there is some kind of particles coming from coal-fired power plants, as well. we are talking about very minute particles which are around all the time. so that's the important thing. we like to have some good quantification and qualification on this stuff. >> thank you, don knapp live in san francisco. a nuclear plant owned by san francisco-based pg&e has had 14 recent incidents described as near misses at least that's according to a new report released by the union of concerned scientists a watchdog group. the facility in question is the diablo canyon nuclear plant near san luis obispo. the report says a system to pump water into a reactor during an emergency was not working for a year and a half before operators realize the
5:35 am
there was a problem in 2009. the report criticized those operators and the nuclear regulatory commission. president obama has ordered a comprehensive review of all 104 nuclear reactors in the u.s. those plants supply about 20% of the nation's electricity. he wants to make sure that they can withstand earthquakes and other disasters. >> it's a good day to watch cbs, watch basketball, watch your brackets. san diego state were winners yesterday. >> how did you guys do? are you doing all right so far? >> my team hasn't played. i have ohio state. >> i don't know. i don't keep up with it. >> oh, yeah. she says that now. [ laughter ] >> you wait. next weekend she will be talking about all those victories. folks, we have a little rain showing up around the bay area now moderate amounts of rain in parts of the bay area. you can see it moving along the coastline. a few cells here as we head in
5:36 am
toward redwood city and san carlos and belmont. you have some rain headed in your direction, along 101. so be very careful out the door. still that rain is going to be picking up. these are showers ahead of the main rain, which is the middle of the day. it looks like we could see some gusty winds to go along with that and looks like some heavier amounts of rain and possibility of isolated thunderstorms and more rain over the weekend. temperatures in the 50s, heavy rain in the middle of the day. and over the next few days, just a glimmer of hope in the distance there as we see maybe some sunshine as we head in towards tuesday but a lot of work to be done between now and then. heavier rain for sunday, showers into monday and yes looks like more showers next wednesday and thursday. all right. let's check in with elizabeth and the traffic. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. we are hoping that it's friday light today. so far that seems to be the case. that will kind of save us a little bit on the roads this
5:37 am
morning. at the bay bridge so far no problems heading into san francisco. so pretty quiet out there no big delays. haven't seen any big issues so far due to the wet weather. but yeah, our san mateo bridge cameras shaking back and forth. it's windy out there as well at least on the hayward side of the bridge. this is westbound 92, the commute direction heading out toward foster city and the peninsula. eastbound traffic moves just as well coming off of the high- rise. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, unfortunately this is a problem for the past two days for our morning commute. we have had accidents in livermore. not the case so far this morning. pretty quiet as you head towards the dublin interchange. that's your weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. california's u.s. senators calling for a change to federal controls of gas pipeline like the one that exploded in san bruno. anne makovec joins us now to explain what the senators are calling a loophole. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we know that twice pg&e spiked the pressure in the line that
5:38 am
blew up here in san bruno, line 132. they spiked the pressure in 2003 and 2008 and there are a lot of questions about whether or not that might have weakened the line. now, pg&e insists that the practice is safe even though they have halted the practice since the explosion. they have used it as a way to test the lines in the past, but our two u.s. senators want to close a loophole in pipeline law that may have contributed to this disaster. right now, utility operators like pg&e can spike pressure levels on their lines above legal safety limits and not report it though they are required to keep records of pressure spikes. dianne feinstein and barbara boxer want utilities to also be required to report those spikes to the feds. they sent a letter to the u.s. pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration saying, quote, we urge you to address this order immediately under your existing emergency authority to protect public
5:39 am
safety. that's a quote from dianne feinstein. we talked a lot about pg&e's dealings with the public utilities commission. that is a state agency. and our local, state representatives have been pressuring them to crack down on some of these pg&e practices but this is a major move we are seeing on the federal side. >> thank you, anne makovec in san bruno. it is 5:39. a federal judge ruled prosecutors cannot use 11 voicemail messages against barry bonds in his perjury trial. the allegedly threatening voicemail messages were left for his mistress. prosecutors hoped the intensity of the messages showed bonds was suffering from riod rage but the judge said the messages were marginal at best. prosecutors argued bonds lied when he said he never knowingly received steroids or any injections from his trainer. in contra costa county the district attorney's office plans to drop a dozen drug cases involving arrests by the county's central narcotics task
5:40 am
force. a former commander of the task force facing felony drug charges now accused of conspiring with a former private investigator to sell stolen drug evidence. the d.a.'s office has identified and reviewed about 40 pending cases and about a third of those are all expected to be dismissed. your time now 5:40. cones, crews and construction. the major commuter project about to start next week here in the bay area. >> plus, look out behind! a tv reporter is almost run over. what happened next is hard to believe. watch. we'll be right back. getting ready to plant?
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we are on stormwatch today. showers showing up around the bay area out the door. we have some wet roads in spots, cells moving in along
5:43 am
the peninsula. making its way to parts of san rafael and east into hercules, seeing some moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall in the area through san pablo and more on the way. this is only going to be increasing as we head through the morning today as the main cold front still off the coastline. gusty winds and isolated thunderstorms have showed up this morning already. this afternoon, especially in the middle of the day at times, we have high surf coming up toward the afternoon and here's your system just out ahead of it we have some moisture moving through right now but the main cold front still lagging back here so we have the big bunch still to come and that's going to be moving in later on today. so rain for today, it's going to be a wet day outside today, plan on it. and it looks like over the weekend more rain on the way. probably more scattered showers into saturday, but then this low drops in right off the coastline going to reorganize, pick up some moisture and move
5:44 am
it onshore for sunday. could be a real soaker on sunday and monday. let's time it out. lunchtime plans, guess what, that main cold front really dropping down according to our computer models right through the bay area as we head in toward lunchtime so maybe a good day to stay indoors for that. after that it moves through by the latter part of the afternoon, more scattered showers with a possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. rainfall amounts, as much as 1.5" in the north bay, three- quarters in the east bay, about an inch on the peninsula and also into the santa cruz mountains so a good soaker and we have already seen some of the mud slides. this can be a concern today and over the weekend, as well. temperatures mainly into the 50s for highs, pretty cool out there snow levels running low, too. down to about 3,000 feet locally. showers continuing on saturday, more rain for sunday. and the showers likely to continue into monday, as well. all right. let's check on your traffic with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we have a photographer standing by live in the south bay. they are near 101 in san jose near the alum rock exit. you can see the traffic is
5:45 am
overall moving pretty well. so despite the slick conditions, despite the wet weather and windy conditions as well, we are doing okay so far to start this friday morning commute. on the maps, more live traffic cameras, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. just getting word of an accident that's already cleared to the center divide westbound 92 at hesperian and once you get towards the san mateo bridge, just a shaky camera, that's about all we can tell ya. otherwise, traffic is moving across okay but obviously, some windy conditions out there as well along with the wet weather. all right. richmond/san rafael bridge, coming into marin, still seeing top speeds, here's live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. these headlights are moving past san quentin southbound 101. quiet ride as well all the way towards the golden gate bridge. this has been our problem spot for the past two mornings. we have had accidents at livermore jamming up the ride out of the altamont pass. so far that's not the case. your drive sometime good at 14 minutes on west -- your drive time good at 14 minutes on
5:46 am
westbound 580 towards the dublin interchange. usually slow this time of the morning, not the case so far at 5:45. so we are looking good, it is friday light and mass transit is off to a great start, as well. everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. of course, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9- fm. that is your weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. here's a check of today's top stories. japan keeps pouring water into the damaged nuclear reactors and keeps working on restoring power to water pumps at the power plant that's in danger of a meltdown. japan admits the crisis is more than they can handle alone. and it is asking the united states for help. britain is going to extend fighter jets to enforce a no- fly zone over libya. the united nations is trying to stop moammar qaddafi from launching an attack on a rebel-
5:47 am
held city but qaddafi doesn't acknowledge the no-fly zone and he is promising a response harshly to any u.n. sponsored attacks. the house of representatives has voted to cut off federal funding for npr. however, the measure is unlikely to pass in the senate. this comes after an npr executive was caught on tape saying the organization does not need federal funds and that the gop had been hijacked by the tea party. the surfing community is paying tribute to one of its own who died doing what he loved. 35-year-old sion milosky was killed wednesday by a huge wave at the mavericks point break. friends and family gathered onshore yesterday evening sharing stories and leaving a line of flowers in his honor. surfing experts say the conditions at mavericks were dangerous even for people with milosky's experience. >> just watching it you can see how the wave takes it, it goes straight to the bottom in spots. you get in the wrong spot at the wrong time, you're going to
5:48 am
get drilled. >> the san mateo county coroner's office still looking into the exact cause of death. milosky is one of two surfers who died at mavericks. a scenic stretch at the california highway will be closed for a month. engineers need to design temporary repairs for a segment of highway 1 near big sur. 30 feet of that road crumbled down the cliff wednesday. there hasn't been a ton of rain in the areas recently but all signs point to steady erosion from rain and waves. and construction to take down old ramps from the transbay terminal will begin next month and clemen tina street. it's expected to last all week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. crews are in the middle of tearing down all remnants of the former transit depot. a new center will open in 2017. a lot of businesses want a piece of the high-speed rail action here in california. the state's high-speed rail authority asking the private sector to let it know if they
5:49 am
want to help out with some financing, some designing, building and operating the system that will connect the bay area with southern california. more than 1100 large and small businesses responded and so far the project has received $5.5 billion in federal funds. thousands of san francisco families will be watching the mailboxes over the weekend. today the city's school district will send letters to offer school placement for more than 14,000 students. the students applied last month to get into their favorite schools. and the examiner reports the letters are going to families with children in kindergarten, 6th and ninth grade. a major announcement from bay to breakers this morning. "the examiner" is reporting that the rowdy san francisco foot race has a new sponsor to keep the race running. zazzle will sponsor the race for the next two years. registration though for this year's race, set for may 15, is
5:50 am
sold out. this is the 100th running. a lot of people want to be there. >> 100. they are going to get how many people for that? >> well, there are always people who come from the side lines who don't register. but they are trying to clean it up. gotten a little too rowdy. it's 5:50. charlie sheen up close and personal. why the actor is coming right here to the bay area. plus, remember this loyal dog in japan? he never left his injured buddy. now we are learning what's happened to both dogs. meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakesre they f.
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country is declaring a cease-fire... and stopping we have this breaking news from libya. the foreign minister says the country is declaring a cease- fire and stopping military operations against rebels. earlier, leader moammar qaddafi
5:53 am
closed the country's airspace in a defiant response to a decision to impose a no-fly zone over that country. and qaddafi had promised to respond harshly to any united nations sponsored attack. in other news, nissan is checking vehicles now made in japan for signs of radioactivity. a spokesman says the measure is meant to reassure the public. they say there is no risk of contamination to cars and no health risks to customers. earlier this week, we showed you a pair of dogs who survived the tsunami, one seemed to be sticking close by his injured buddy. and this morning we have learned that those dogs were found by animal rescuers and they say the healthy pooch is at a nearby shelter, the other recovering at a vet clinic. [ foreign language ] >> this is the school we think is the elementary school that we saw in the background of the original footage of the dogs. >> in the past week, animal
5:54 am
groups in japan have raised more than $100,000 to help treat injured pets from the tsunami. well, another amazing video is make the rounds on the internet today. >> yes. a little scary and close to home for us. it happened on live tv. eye news reporter was covering the ncaa tournament. in the middle of the live shot a white truck starts to back up. a photographer then jumps behind the truck forcing the driver at the very last second. the reporter got out of the way and then finished his report. >> wow. >> that is a little scary, huh? i have had a lot of snow dumped on me but never been run over in one of those situations. guy looks like alec baldwin a little bit. charlie sheen, guess what, coming to the bay area. it is his road show entitled, the violent torpedo of truth. he added 12 more tour dates last night including san francisco. the actor is scheduled to perform april 30th at the nob
5:55 am
hill masonic auditorium. sheen hasn't revealed the content of the show other than to call it the real story. warner bros., of course, fired him last week. >> that should be interesting. >> i guess, detroit, chicago, sold out. shows all over the place. so he is still a hot topic. 5:55. we have our weather and traffic. a rainy forecast, scattered showers, right? i saw a lot of sunshine yesterday. >> yes. today is scattered showers right now. but it is going to be picking up. we're talking about a serious rain moving through the bay area today but right now we are starting out with scattered showers around the bay area and a pretty good cell making its way in along the peninsula towards san mateo, burlingame, foster city. you got this band of moisture that's rotating on through. still, the main cold front is sitting off the coast so once that sweeps onshore then we have rain everywhere around the bay area going to be heavy at times with gusty winds and it looks like staying unsettled toward the evening hours. showers and the possibility of
5:56 am
a thunderstorm rumbling on through. a chance of a few more showers towards saturday. that low drops back down and gathers some moisture. i think we have a good soaking come sunday, more unsettled weather toward next week. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. chp very early this morning issued a heavy rain advisory for the santa cruz mountains if you are coming up highway 17 near the summit towards los gatos. so yeah, they are urging drivers to reduce speeds. they have activated the cms warning signs letting you know that it is some slick surfaces out there and windy conditions, as well. so take it extra easy. around the south bay we haven't seen any major problems due to the wet weather and slick roads. here's live look at 280 out of downtown san jose. pretty nice ride so far along the peninsula. we are betting on that it's going to be friday light and so knows as many cars on the road. so we haven't seen any huge issues, no major hot spots yet this morning. live look at 101 traffic near the third street off-ramp. so far, so good heading into downtown san francisco but mass
5:57 am
transit might be a great day to use it. everything is on time. that's your weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:56. elementary school students sickened by cocaine. we'll tell you how it got into their class and the shocking thing one student told her mom. >> and a race against time in japan. the efforts today to restore a crippled nuclear power plant. much more coming up. uc-berkeley scientists detect some of that radiation from japan here in the bay area. but they say not enough to worry about. we'll talk about that coming up. and our u.s. senators asking for an emergency order that could help prevent another disaster like what we saw near san bruno. we'll tell how they are appealing to and why coming up. ,, ,,,,
5:58 am
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